Music Composition with Headford Music Works

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Summer 2019 sees a new and exciting collaboration in Headford, Co. Galway as Headford Lace Project works with Headford Music Works to produce a new orchestral piece inspired by the heritage of lace making in the town. Students of Headford Music Works took the famous Irish air called Molly St George, which was written about one of the original patrons of the Lace industry in Headford. They will take the component parts and interweave them similar to the bobbins crossing and twisting in the lace-making process. The project began with the HMW summer school being visited by members of the Headford Lace Project committee who showed students bobbins, pillows, and basic stitches to help their understanding of the process. The collaboration culminated in a performance of the newly composed symphonic piece at an evening of celebration called 'Lace Notes & Other Stories' in Headford in late September.

headford music works