Painting Bobbins

“Happiness is in the comfortable companionship of friends.”

Pam Brown, 1928

Never before have we fully appreciated the true value of friendship, as we have been separated and isolated from our friends in HLP due to the pandemic. Ella and I decided to take on a craft project in the weeks leading up to Christmas this year, as a way to be creative and make gifts for the women of HLP.

ger bobbins07

We hand painted pairs of bobbins for each of the committee members and a few friends of the project, choosing different designs and patterns for each individual, including bobbins with a special Headford Lace design. The designs acknowledged each person and their contribution to the project.

ger bobbins03

Working with colour at the darkest time of year was a most enjoyable process. We used acrylic paint and fine brushes for the decoration and two coats of clear varnish to ensure longevity. The bobbins themselves provide a challenging canvas, as they do not have much surface area, but we were delighted with the outcome of each.

ger bobbins06

As we worked on painting pairs of bobbins we reflected on the difficulties and challenges that HLP overcame in order to complete our projects during 2020. We are so proud that we managed to do so much in a time when many people are struggling. The Space Between exhibition in Headford was a particular highlight, as together we provided a safe cultural experience for people in the county of Galway and showcased global lacemaking talent at the same time. We are looking forward to better days ahead when we can finally sit together and make lace and hope to continue painting bobbins!

ger bobbins05

ger bobbins01

ger bobbins02