Collars, Ruffs and Cuffs Exhibition

On 14 October 2021, DCCI celebrated 50 years since its foundation and a special celebration was held in Dublin Castle. Ger and I were delegates from HLP, which is affiliated to DCCI through its membership of GANS (Guilds, Associations, Networks, Societies).

The Annual General Meeting of DCCI took place alongside several exhibitions from events held throughout the year. Highlights were the Irish Craft Heroes exhibition – 50 makers, 50 years, acknowledging the contributions of gifted crafters. Personal highlights for me were collaborative works by the Glass Society of Ireland’s Glass Quilt and the Irish Artists Blacksmith’s Association bench.

20211014 collars ruffs cuffs1

As part of DCCI’s Keep Well Campaign in 2021, they launched Collars, Cuffs or Ruffs, an invitation to makers to design a collar, ruff or cuff that is wearable, creative, inventive, innovative & contemporary. They could be made from any material i.e. silk, wool, cotton, linen, paper, wire, metal etc. or combined materials and created in any discipline, utilising any techniques. Myself, Ella, Ger, Jackie Magnin and friend of HLP Colette Kelly all submitted collars to this call-out, using a variety of media. DCCI had 230 collars submitted in total and all of them are included in this video. We were all very proud when mine and Ger’s collars were selected to be displayed during the 50th anniversary celebration evening.

20211014 collars ruffs cuffs2

20211014 collars ruffs cuffs3

20210504 tatted collar jackie magnin
Tatted collar by Jackie Magnin.