Filming Bobbin Lace Tutorials

20200817 filming tutorials1
Jackie being filmed making bobbin lace by Aengus McMahon.

After our planned lace weekends were cancelled due to Covid-19, the suggestion was made to me that we should create some short bobbin lacemaking video tutorials for the HLP website. It was decided that Aengus McMahon would be the videographer and two dates in August were chosen. The first video would show a total beginner the materials and tools needed, and how to prepare the set-up. The second video would show the basic actions, linen stitch and twisted stitch. To make the most of our time it was important to prepare well. I needed a number of pillows with the work in various stages that had to look at least very similar to ensure continuity. As I didn’t have enough pillows at home, Ester made sure there would be several available as soon as I arrived in Headford.

On Monday throughout the day and Tuesday morning the recordings were done in Aengus’ studio. While working away I had a lovely view over a large green field with grazing sheep. Ester and Norma were present so that we were sure to get all the right shots we needed to give clear and complete information and instructions. Aengus made sure he took clips from different angles, as well as close-ups. Kathleen very kindly provided us with coffee, tea and homemade cauliflower soup!

20200817 filming tutorials2

I hope when the clips are ready they will be a valuable addition to our website. The filming was very enjoyable and great to see a professional like Aengus at work. The feedback from Ester and Norma was invaluable. During the process we were careful and stuck to Covid-19 guidelines, but at least we were able to sit down over a few meals and talk. I found it very sad not to be able to travel up for The Space Between exhibition, but thanks to the extensive communications at least I was still made to feel part of it. Let’s hope it won’t be too much longer before we can pick up the threads again. One advantage of being a senior – I’m fairly high on the list for the vaccine!

20200817 filming tutorials3