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This lace archive comprises a collection of over 170 items, generously donated by members of the public. Much of this collection is a reflection of the social history of craftwork done by women in different eras. Headford Lace Project is very grateful to all of our donors, those people who have donated precious lace pieces and treasured family memories to our archive and trusted them to our project. The archive will continue to be a source of interest and fascination, and a valuable educational aid. Our project is now interlaced with every piece in the archive, with the hands that made them, the people that used them and the people that wore them.

If you would like to get in touch about a piece of family lace history, please contact us.

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Our archive is organised using the General International Standard Archival Description ISAD(G).

Headford Lace Project would like to thank Aengus McMahon Photography and the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland for their assistance in digitising this archive.

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Guipure Lace

Guipure lace wedding dress (1957)



Handmade bonnet


Mountmellick Doilie

Doilie. Mountmellick work (1890s)



Small tablecloth of crochet/cotton


Small Square

Small filet crochet square


Ornate Small Rectangle

Ornate small lace rectangle


Strip of Tape Lace

Strip of tape lace. Possible Battenburg, Princess, or Renaissance


Crochet Scarf

Cotton/crochet scarf


Lace Fan

Lace fan (charity shop purchase)


Small Blanket

Small blanket in popcorn stitch

Page 4 of 18 Results 31 - 40 of 179