The Space Between

The Space Between

The history of Lace is a fascinating story and one which is full of contradictions.

It was and still is used to make christening gowns to welcome new born babies, but is also used to make coffin cloths and mourning veils at the end of life.

Making Lace was considered an appropriate pastime for ladies of high moral stature but also used to ‘reform’ women of low moral values.

From a visual perspective, Lace is made up of both open and solid spaces where equal importance is placed on that which does not exist, as is placed on the threads that holds it all together.

Lace provided a sense of independence as women could earn a living from selling their work. However, lace is also associated with the forced labour of women living in state run institutions who worked without remuneration.

Lacemaking is a traditional practice which has been embedded into the social and economic history of countries worldwide for generations. Yet Lace is still used as a source of inspiration by contemporary makers who continue to innovate and progress our understanding of what lace is and what lace is considered to be.

The Space Between will explore these ambiguities.

Artists/Designers/Makers working with Handmade Lace are invited to submit work for exhibition that responds to the question: In what way is Lace meaningful for you? What truth does it hold? What is hidden within the stitches?

The exhibition will take place in Headford in October 2020 and will take the form of an art trail around the town with lace/artwork exhibited in various locations and curated window displays. The Space Between is funded by Galway 2020 as part of the Small Towns Big Ideas programme.

The show will be opened to coincide with the launch of 2 public art commissions in Headford by artists Selma Makela (Ireland) and Tarmo Thorstrom (Finland).

Rules of Entry

All submissions must include a Handmade Lace element.

If the lacemaker is not the primary artist/designer, the lacemaker must be credited in full

Existing artworks as well as new artwork created in response to the theme will be considered.

Deadline for entry: 5pm July 7th 2020

Sculptural/Digital/Projection work will be considered as well as 2 dimensional work.

If selected, the lacemaker/artist/designer will be notified by July 31st 2020.

All selected lace/artwork must reach Headford Lace Project no later than August 29th 2020.

There is no entry fee.

The lacemaker/artist/designer is responsible for costs involved in sending work for exhibition. Headford Lace is responsible for the costs of returning artwork.

Submissions are now closed